Lean Muscle Mass Coach

I help those who are new to lifting weights and struggling to put on lean muscle mass naturally. In just 90 days, you will see extra-ordinary results using my proven and trusted strategies. I have helped over 50 clients see staggering results using the vast experience and knowledge I have gained over the years.

I will provide you with the following:

  • A full training program for you to adhere to including videos showing the correct form/technique for each exercise within my app

  • A fully bespoke and tailored diet plan to maximise muscle growth potential

  • Full 24/7 support including exclusive access to my private Facebook Group of existing clients

  • Weekly check-ins to ensure you are seeing consistent results and use this as an opportunity to make any adaptions necessary

  • A lifetime of knowledge so you will never need to pay for a coach again

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Mobile: 07909 338206

Email: mikemcdonnellpt@gmail.com

Instagram: @mikemcdonnellpt